Bounty Program


Meduse Coin Bounty Program

About the bounty host

Meduse will hold a bounty campaign here in to spread the word to the community.

Meduse is a FinTech organization consisting of several platforms with the ambition to serve customers around the globe and provide high quality and secure solutions for crypto trading, investing and storing.  

Our goal is to create a platform for peer-to-peer transactions and investing in projects and cryptocurrencies. With assistive technologies for everyone, we bring the power and financial freedom to all users.

Active Bounties

Twitter Post Campaign

Reward MDM8.00 (EUR1.92) - Application 0 / 70000

Youtube Campaign

Reward MDM8.00 (EUR1.92) - Application 19 / 70000

Facebook Campaign

Reward MDM8.00 (EUR1.92) - Application 0 / 70000


Reward MDM2.00 (EUR0.48) - Application 105 / 280000

Discord Channel

Reward MDM2.00 (EUR0.48) - Application 39 / 280000

Share Free Bitcoin Airdop

Reward MDM2.00 (EUR0.48) - Application 0 / 280000

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